Company Profile

A true local with well-established community values

Two Decades of Construction in the Pilbara of Western Australia

Port Hedland literally lives and breathes and 45 degrees.  A mining community that has seen Iron Ore resources shape this arid landscape into the biggest export port in Australia with 60% of all export sales derived from Iron Ore deposits open mined from the surrounding Pilbara desert.

You can look all over Port Hedland to see the influence that Pilbara Constructions has had on this town’s landscape and surrounding communities.  Commencing business in 1996, Pilbara Constructions, based in Port Hedland was utilised in commercial, community and residential ventures that helped shape Port Hedland into the town it has become today.  With a business strategy that maintained a community focus, Pilbara Constructions contributed to community infrastructure projects, commercial ventures and residential developments that have stood the test of time, attesting to Pilbara Constructions ability to facilitate superior project management and quality outcomes for a vast range of clients established in Port Hedland and surrounding communities and towns.