Born in the Pilbara

Simple focus means good business management

Pilbara Constructions commenced business in 1996 in Port Hedland.  The company was established on strong previous experience earned from years of project execution in and around the Pilbara area.  The founders of Pilbara Constructions continued in their professional and community minded endeavours to develop a company that can be proud of its achievements.

Early values which delivered excellent returns in workplace safety and overall quality of service and product have provided Pilbara Constructions with a respected foothold in the local community.  Not only has the delivery of these values been a steadfast foundation of Pilbara Constructions work ethic but it has risen to the opportunity of countless local employees to go on to complete trades in the area of Carpentry, Boiler making, Plumbing and Concreting; supporting the wider community.  It has also lead to the sponsorship of numerous sporting organisations and community groups.

Pilbara Constructions' consideration of local industry has also aided in the development of numerous local suppliers and subcontactors.

Today, Pilbara Constructions is still one minded on its service to the local community and business by continuing to provide excellent project execution with a close eye on improved benefit to client and community.  This unwavering emphasis on quality, safety, and community and client satisfaction will continue to be foundations in Pilbara Constructions’ future.